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      During this mock deliberation, Edith remained at the bar; but when the hour had passed away, and no probability appeared of an immediate verdict, she was directed by the judge to be taken back to prison until the jury had agreed.

      "Hold, master," said he, "you will find it difficult to fill Beauchamp's seat, without making another vacancy."There were still about two hundred acres to acquire, including the Grandturzel inclosure, on which, however, he looked more hopefully than of old. He had so far subdued not more than about a hundred and forty acresmost of the northern slope of Boarzell adjoining Odiam and Totease, and also a small tract on the Flightshot side. This was not very encouraging, for it represented the labours of two-thirds of a lifetime, and at the same time left him with more than half his task still unaccomplished. If it had not been for his setback ten years ago he would now probably have over two hundred and fifty acres to his credit. But he told himself that he would progress more quickly now. Also, though he had not enlarged his boundaries during the last ten years, he had considerably improved the quality of the land within them. The first acquired parts of Boarzell were nearly as fruitful and richly cultivated as the original lands of the farm, and even the '68 ground was showing signs of coming into subjection.

      "I don't know why you do it. Make Backfield get a girl to help you."

      Holgrave drew the brim of his hat again over his face, and folding his arms, looked silently on as the work proceeded.But Albert's weak mind clung to its first idea with scared tenacity. He was still raving about it when Pete came in from his work that evening.


      "To free the bondto acquire land at a low rentto be at liberty to buy and sell in all cities and towns, without toll or interruption;and lastly, to obtain a pardon for this insurrection.""Stopyou're spoiling my h?adge!"


      "Hir me duval!" said Meridiana to herself, "but they've forgotten the poor person's child."The next night, being the eve of the trial, Black Jack entered the Mitre, and, ordering a fresh gallon of stout ale, proceeded on to the little room where he had seen Calverley, and in which, around an oak table which nearly filled the area of the apartment, ten men were seated. A measure stood before them which they had just emptied, and were murmuring at their leader's close hand that restricted them to a single gallon.