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      She spoke quite cheerfully: her face had never lost its color for a moment; her lips were smiling.Something has happened to trouble you, he said, very gentlysomething since we arrived. What is it? Dont you like this place, the servants? What is it? We need only stay the night; we need not stay even so long if you would rather go. Tell me, Esmeralda.

      Lord Selvaine, as he watched him covertly, saw the handsome face grow pale, and the hand that held the wine-glass close so tightly that the slender stem snapped in two.As he spoke, his low, clear voice ringing out, a cry rose from the top of the coach. It was a womans voice, and the cry a strange mixture of fear and joy.

      Yes, I think I understand, he said. It is all so new to you! I hope that the women will seem as beautiful, the men as nice, the colors as fresh, the music as delightful to you for a very, very long time!

      A cheer, such as had never been heard even in Three Star, threatened to lift the roof off the Eldorado, and Varley, drawing Esmeraldas arm within his, succeeded, after many herculean efforts, in getting her through the throng and into the open air.



      It flashed upon Esmeralda that Lady Ada had said almost the same thing.


      Yes, I think you are, he assented in a low voice; and her innocence smote him with a feeling of guilt and shameit was as if he were deceiving a child.