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      "No? We can hardly tell, when we are--in love."II will go out, he said. Will you have the lights?

      He smiles up and at last meets Anna's eyes. Flora sees their glances--angels ascending and descending--and a wee loop of ribbon that peeps from his tightly buttoned breast. Otherwise another sight, elsewhere, could not have escaped her, though it still escapes many.Yes; looks bad, doesnt it? he said, scornfully. II suppose you say he saw mekiss her.

      It was like turning to the light the several facets of one of those old-fashioned jewels Flora was privately bearing away, to see the five beauties part company: "Good-by, good-by," kiss, kiss--ah, the sad waste of it!--kiss left, kiss right, "good-by."

      Not even Lilias? she said, with a little smile. But Im content to come second to her. Yeshe had bent his head so that his lips were near her faceyou may kiss me, if you like. I will pass it on to Lilias when we say good-night.


      The duke shrugged his shoulders.


      Kind of changed your birth? he said.


      The two men went up the hill-side in silence. Varley paused once to roll a cigarette, and smoked it with his usual deliberation, but there was a fire in his eyes, hidden behind their long lashes, which indicated the condition of his mind.