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      When the messenger from Canada had ceased, the messenger from Albany, a Mohawk Indian, rose and repeated word for word a speech confided to him by the mayor of that town, urging the Iroquois to close their ears against the invitations of Onontio.

      Armed with these instructions, Villebon repaired to his post, where he was joined by a body of Canadians under Portneuf. His first step was to reoccupy Port Royal; and, as there was nobody there to oppose him, he easily succeeded. The settlers renounced allegiance to Massachusetts and King William, and swore fidelity to their natural sovereign. [16] The capital of Acadia dropped back quietly into the lap of France; but, as the "Bostonnais" might recapture it at any time, Villebon crossed to the St. John, and built a fort high up the stream at Naxouat, opposite the present city of Fredericton. Here no "Bostonnais" could reach him, and he could muster war-parties at his leisure.

      [862] The above extracts are as translated by Carlyle in his History of Frederick II. of Prussia.


      It is true that some of the Abenakis were sincere in their pledges of peace. A party among them, headed by Madockawando, were dissatisfied with the French, anxious to recover their captive countrymen, and eager to reopen trade with the English. But there was an opposing party, led by the chief Taxous, who still breathed war; while between the two was an unstable mob of warriors, guided by the impulse of the hour. [28] The French 361 spared no efforts to break off the peace. The two missionaries, Bigot on the Kennebec and Thury on the Penobscot, labored with unwearied energy to urge the savages to war. The governor, Villebon, flattered them, feasted them, adopted Taxous as his brother, and, to honor the occasion, gave him his own best coat. Twenty-five hundred pounds of gunpowder, six thousand pounds of lead, and a multitude of other presents, were given this year to the Indians of Acadia. [29] Two of their chiefs had been sent to Versailles. They now returned, in gay attire, their necks hung with medals, and their minds filled with admiration, wonder, and bewilderment.

      [28] Declaration of the Iroquois in presence of M. de Denonville, N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 384; Relation des vnements de la Guerre, 30 Oct., 1688; Belmont, Histoire du Canada.While Frontenac was on his march, Governor 415 Fletcher had heard of his approach, and called the council at New York to consider what should be done. They resolved that "it will be very grievous to take the people from their labour; and there is likewise no money to answer the charge thereof." Money was, however, advanced by Colonel Cortlandt and others; and the governor wrote to Connecticut and New Jersey for their contingents of men; but they thought the matter no concern of theirs, and did not respond. Fletcher went to Albany with the few men he could gather at the moment, and heard on his arrival that the French were gone. Then he convoked the chiefs, condoled with them, and made them presents. Corn was sent to the Onondagas and Oneidas to support them through the winter, and prevent the famine which the French hoped would prove their destruction.


      "Friday night we had dinner together. Lord! it seems like a year ago instead of five days ... And now the earth is over him!" Don shuddered.[11] "II y a une ncessit indispensable pour les intrais de la Religion et de la Colonie de restablir les missionaires Jsuites dans tous les villages Iroquois: si vous ne trouvs moyen de faire retourner ces Pres dans leurs anciennes missions, vous devs en attendre beaucoup de malheur pour cette Colonie; car je dois vous dire que jusqu'icy c'est leur habilit qui a soutenu les affaires du pays par leur s?avoir-faire gouverner les esprits de ces barbares, qui ne sont Sauvages que de nom." Denonville, Mmoire adress au Ministre, 9 Nov., 1688.


      Hertel de Rouville.A Frontier Village.Rev. John Williams.The Surprise.Defence of the Stebbins House.Attempted Rescue.The Meadow Fight.The Captives.The Northward March.Mrs. Williams killed.The Minister's Journey.Kindness of Canadians.A Stubborn Heretic.Eunice Williams.Converted Captives.John Sheldon's Mission.Exchange of Prisoners.An English Squaw.The Gill Family support. In 1699, we find him thanking his Majesty for 300


      "Would Mr. Dongan have consulted Mr. Riever about his speculations?" asked Pen.