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      "You stay at your club then?"

      "Wait till they come up stairs."

      "Shorty," he said, as he came up to "I've struck it this time. Over to that house there's the purtiest gal I ever see."

      It was an evening in February, 1863, and the family had been sitting for some hours after supper around the bright fire, engaged in various occupations.

      "Some little burned lumps of bone, but it was impossible to say of what. A little lump of gold that might have been a finger ringTalley wore such a ring, but it had melted into a shapeless lump. A piece of scorched fabric barely recognizable as part of the brim of a man's silk hat. Finally, in a slight depression where water had gathered, part of a jawbone in which six teeth were still fairly intact.""Good-night, Miss," said Keesing, taking his tone from his betters.

      Delehanty pushed her ahead of him in the path. "Get along back to the house with you!" he commanded.Now all this is completeit is finished; it was a Divine act, and man can add nothing to it. But, notwithstanding all this boundless mercy, man remains unchangeda sinner still, and an alien from God. Though by atonement God is legally reconciled to him, he remains, through ignorance and hardness of heart, unreconciled to God; as far from life, therefore, as if nothing had ever been done for his salvation. And now you see at once the office of the ministry. The minister of reconciliation is to be the bearer to his fellow-sinners of the great reconciliation wrought out for us in Christ Jesus. He is employed by the Holy Ghost as a human instrument for bringing those who are still unreconciled into the sacred privilege of reconciliation with God. Sinners reconciled to God, therefore, are the great result of the ministry. It is very delightful to see a full church and attentive congregation; very encouraging to see large schools well taught and well filleda very great cause of thankfulness to see kindness p. 55and good feeling prevailing in a parish. But all these things fall short of the great result. The real result is the reconciliation of precious souls to the Lord Jesus Christ by the blood of atonement shed for their sins on the cross. The real result is conversion to God, a new birth by the power of the Holy Ghost; and if that be wanting, though all beside seem prosperous, the minister of reconciliation should be brought on his knees with great searching of heart, and never rest till he can look on precious souls reconciled to God, to whom he may say, as St. Paul did to the Corinthians, Such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.



      This seemed to open the fountains of the man's soul."Silly! Do you think I could sleep with you in the room?"


      "Shorty," said Si, as he watched some of the boys laboring with sandpaper, rotten stone and oil to make the gunbarrels shine like silver, "what's the cense o' bein' so partickler about the outside of a gun? The business part's inside. Making them screw heads look like beads don't make it no surer of gitting Mr. Butternut."