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      "'You stop there. Come along with me, Jew.'Pen did so. Her face was perfectly composed now. Her voice even as she said: "Here's a curious little story."

      Pen thought: "Ah, if he would!""Yes, Dad," she said coolly.

      "Are you going to search every tree in the woods?" he asked sarcastically.

      "Josiah Klegg!" at length shouted the Orderly, as he held out two letters. Si snatched them from his hand, went off by himself, and sat down on a log.The Alexandra had been lying inside Broome's Point for two days. On the first day Riever had lunched with the Broomes; yesterday he had returned their hospitality. Of the two Pen's food was undoubtedly better, being fresher than the millionaire's, but she had tasted with delight all the expensive things she had read about which never came to Southern Maryland: Caviare, petite marmite, pat de fois gras, hothouse grapes, marrons, etc. This morning Riever had insisted on having the Broomes to breakfast on the yacht.

      "Load in nine timesLoad!" shouted a dozen of the Illinois tramps.

      The Assistant District Attorney was on his feet. "I object. Surely it is grossly improper for Counsel to make such statements in the hearing of the jury."

      Keenly alert, with muskets loaded and capped, they crept carefully along, poking their noses into every thicket and peering around every building. It was clear that there would not be anything in the nature of a surprise if the whole line was as well taken care of as the particular point guarded by Corporal Klegg and his faithful friend Shorty.


      Pen rose. "We must hurry," she said. "It gets light at four and we've a long way to go.""You'll get used to it after a while, same's we did. You'll see the time when you'll be mighty glad to get even as hard a tack as that!"


      "You'll see whether I can love or not," he said, piqued."Look here, I'm a Corporal, commanding the advance guard," said Si. "I order you!"