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      The search took longer than they expected.

      In the middle of the line there was a one-room mud hut. This, with the tents back of it, was her home. Landor had fitted up the hut with Navajo blankets, Indian baskets, dolls, saddle bags, war bonnets, and quivers; with stuffed birds and framed chromos, camp-chairs and some rough quartermaster's furniture. A gray blanket, with a yellow Q. M. D. in the centre, kept the glare out at the window, and the room was cool enough. One advantage of adobeand it has othersis that it retains all summer the winter cold, and all winter the summer heat.

      Another five minutes, concentrated close to a certain spot on the outside of the building, gave him his final clue.

      He cut short his meditation and listened to the sound of oars in the inlet.While they discussed these proofs of Dicks quick wit, the sound of an airplane engine turned all eyes skyward.


      Cairness congratulated him with all solemnity, and asked if she were a widow. He was sure she must be, for the gallantry of the West in those days allowed no woman to pass maturity unwed.


      Took off part of the cover, cut the rubber, put them in, wrapped in oiled silk to make a tight pack, then used some rubber patching cement I keep for torn rubber coats or boot patching, and with a hot electric iron I vulcanized the rubber together and put back the covering.Oh, I know it. I have seen him, been up in Maine. But he has given me a free hand, and I think you three can be useful. You see, I want that hangar watched, now that the reporters have gone away. I cant be there day and nightI know, he broke off to explain, that you three have suspected me of having something to do with the wrong side of the affair, and naturally enough. I came upon Larry unawares, at the seaplane. I accepted his offer about surrendering jewels and actually had a gun in my hand at the time. No wonder I fall in line aswell, as a suspected person. I dont hold that against you. As it happens, I am trying to recover the missing jewels, just because I made such a failure of rescuing them before.


      That evening they sat talking together long after the late dinner. But a little before midnight Felipa left them upon the porch, smoking and still going over the past. They had so much to say of matters that she in no way understood. The world they spoke of and its language were quite foreign to her. She knew that her husband was where she could never follow him, and she felt the first utter dreariness of jealousythe[Pg 316] jealousy of the intellectual, so much more unendurable than that of the material.