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      FROM: Williston Reed

      "We'll take care o' the bloodshed," said Si, nonchalantly. "We're in that business. We git a month for it."And remember those servants, friends. Maybe the greenies like their life, too. It's their world and their metalthey have a right to help send it along.

      "Maria," thundered Si, "I'll make you pay for this when I git you alone."

      "You'd think, from the way the bird 's singing, and the flowers blooming, that there'd never been a gun fired within a hundred miles o' here."

      "I'm afraid there's no use of picking up Corp'l Klegg and Shorty," said the Lieutenant, with tears in his eyes. "They got the rebel flag, but they're lying there stiff and cold."

      "Purty early in the mornin' to do your milkin'. Didn't used to git up so early when you was at home, did you?"


      THOUGH Si and Shorty were certain that the trouble was over and the rebels all gone, it was impossible to convince the boys of this. The sudden appearance of the guerrillas had been so mysterious that they could not rid themselves of the idea that the dark depths beyond the creek were yet filled with vicious foemen animated by dire intents."You cannot do it," Cadnan said instantly, shocked.


      Pete dropped the coat in affright.


      "No use o' cryin' over spilt milk," answered Shorty. "The thing to do now is to find 'em, which is very much like huntin' a needle in a haystack. You stay here, on the chance o' them comin' back, and I'll take a circle around there to the left and look for 'em. If I don't find 'em I'll come back and we'll go down to the Provo-Marshal's."