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      "Matarn Usted."

      Welltheres another pilot!Boss, I want you to take a look at this-here stuff I brought from your house, said Jeff, drawing a parcel from his pocket.

      Later, when the sun was well up in the jewel-blue sky, and the world was all ashine, they began the real routine of the day. And it would have been much like that of any of the other days that had gone before it for two years, had not Cairness come in a little before the noon hour, bringing with him a guest. It was an Englishman, whom he presented to Felipa as a friend of his youth, and named Forbes."Where do you men belong? What have you got in that wagon? Where are you going?" demanded the Provost officer in the road.

      "I won't do it," answered Harry. "I've always stood ahead o' you in school, ever since we were in the primer class, and I aint goin' to stand behind you in the army. You needn't try to gouge me out o' my rights because you're half-a-head taller. I'm two months older'n you, and I can throw you in a wrastle every time."

      The father did so.

      The Sergeant turned back and looked at him attentively.Because it had been supposed that the ghostJeffor whoever it was, would use that means of getting in, Dicks own position had been chosen. He had selected a place sharply diagonal in direction from it. In his corner he could not be seen in the beam of a flashlight from the small cupboard unless its user came all the way out: otherwise the sides would shape the path of the light so it would not come near him.


      They deflected to the left, so as to avoid being tangled up in the mass of fugitives, and pushed forward more determinedly, if possible, than ever. They kept edging to the right, for they wanted to reach Thomas's right as nearly as possible, as that was the natural position of their regiment.The General had walked on, apparently without seeing what was going on. But after they had passed out of the sight of the group which the affair had gathered, he turned and said to Shorty:



      "Blank your Captain," roared the voice; "I'm no Captain."