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      "As you love your husband, for instance."

      Eh! you are at home then![307]

      Lord Norman tilted his hat over his eyes and considered.

      What has she done! repeated Mr. Pinchook. The question would be easier to answer if it were What has she not done? Nothing very dreadful, from your point of view, I dare say, Lady Wyndover, but enough to drive a man of my ageerand quiet habits into a lunatic asylum. When I tell you that she had got all the men in the shipincluding the captainto fall in love with her, and that I lived in hourly dread of bloodshed; that she insists upon having her own way on every occasion, and that she has been spoiled by a whole camp full of the most fearful rowdies I have ever dreamed of, you will form some idea of what I have suffered during the last few weeks, and understand why I resign my charge with a profound sense of relief.Mr. Pinchook has come to take you to England, to

      Did that three-quarters of a mile seem longer or shorter than usual? Isola hardly knew; but when she saw the lights shining in Tabitha's kitchen, and the fire-glow in the drawing-room, she was glad with the gladness of one who escapes from some fancied danger of ghosts or goblins.

      "Good night," he said; "good night. You will change your mind, won't you, Mrs. Disney? It is not in one so gentle as you to be inflexible about such a trifle. Say that you will honour our ball."



      I hope not, said the Queen, we shall see. And she rang the bell. Campan, the King has an order to give you.De Valence was very handsome and a brave soldier; he emigrated but refused to fight against France; returned, obtained the favour of Napoleon, and retained that of Mme. de Montesson, who more than once paid his debts. He was supposed to be the son of a mistress whom his father adored, and to have been substituted for a dead child born to his fathers wife, who always suspected the truth, never would acknowledge him as her son, nor leave him more money than she could help doing as she had no other children.


      They kissed again, this time with tears on both sides; for Allegra was now quite overcome, and sobbed out her emotion upon her sister's neck; they two standing clasped in each other's arms beside the river.