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      What does it matter? she said, with the same weary impatience.

      Is there two hundred in the camp? he asked, quietly.Varley expressed no astonishment, but a faint smile flashed for a moment over his face.

      Be calm, child, she said with all the authority of age. First learn what has happened. You can find plenty of time to mourn.Every man seized a glass, full or empty, and up they went as high as arm could extend them. A mighty roar rose from the packed crowd, while shouts of Esmeraldaour Esmeralda![286] rent the air. The mob seemed mad with pride and delight. Esmeralda had come back. It seemed too good to be true. Men laughed hysterically; Taffy and Bill danced with ecstasy. Men who had been mortal enemies a few minutes ago shook hands and laughed in each others faces. There were some whose eyes were wet. And through all the phases of expression there ran the current of an emotion which shook Three Star to its foundations.

      De clover love' de bummle-bee,

      His red kpi in hand and with all the stalwart briskness of the flag-presentation's day and hour Hilary Kincaid stepped into the room and halted, as large-eyed as on that earlier occasion, and even more startled, before the small figure of Anna.